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Date: November 6, 2019

It appears fans waiting for the next installment in the Battlefield series will have to wait a bit longer, as EA recently confirmed the next Battlefield title will not arrive until the fiscal year which begins on April 1, 2021. CEO Andrew Wilson further confirmed details in an investors call, Our Battlefield franchise and its community are also a major focus for us, and we’ll add new content and new ways to play Battlefield V in FY21Targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms and a growing install base on the new consoles, our next Battlefield game is set for FY22.

Wilson says the decision us based on a variety of factors, the first of which is the fact that EA still has future plans for Battlefield 5. We still see a burgeoning opportunity with Battlefield 5, and as I talked about in the prepared remarks, we’re about to launch a whole new theater of war with the Pacific theater. And the team is still really thinking about to continue to drive that service on a go-forward basis, he explained. So we think there’s an opportunity still inside the Battlefield 5 experience, as it was built as a base live service from the beginning.

The game is still receiving updates like the upcoming 5.0 update which arrives October 31st, and takes players to the Pacific Theater of World War II, it will include two new maps, Pacific Storm and Iwo Jima. As well as new weapons, vehicles, and other gameplay changes and enhancements. EA adds it will “add new content and new ways to play” Battlefield V in fiscal year 2021.

This all gives way for the next Battlefield game, specifically for next gen consoles. Though not much details have been revealed on the title in development, it’s fairly certain the pushed back release of the title is due to this.

During the Q&A portion of the call, EA saidThe goal of Battlefield for [fiscal year 2022] is to really take advantage of a larger install base of the new consoles. Bringing out Battlefield next year, where the new console base is fairly small, doesn’t really give justice to the potential of the title, and so that’s part of our driver in moving the title into fiscal 22.

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