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Date: October 23, 2019

This will be Call of Duty’s best launch sale to date. I know COD usually sells pretty well normally, but with all the features, and the new approach they took, this year will be it’s best selling EVER!!

The company sat back, took a look at the way things were being done and said, let change our approach and listen to the fans. First things first, no more futuristic time period and movement mechanics. It’s been played out and fans wanted a more nowadays, modern time period. Current weapons, that we actually know or are some what familiar with.

Now lets list what other features they are doing that are fan favorites.

  • Cross platform gaming ✔
  • No loot boxes ✔
  • Free DLC of maps and weapons ✔
  • Game Mode, both close map and large maps with vehicles ✔
  • Battlepass  system earnings rewards by playing✔

The new approach they took covered most if not all the key areas gaming fans have wished or talked about with previous Call of Duty games. Now that you can play with any of your friends, whether on xbox, ps4 or pc. Free future DLC (especially great for younger gamers), along with the new battlepass loot system and of course the usual action and  visual graphics known to COD. I believe this will be its biggest game to date both in ratings and sales, as well as with the gaming community.

Modern Warfare drops Oct 25th but North America can play as early as 9pm Est Oct 24th.

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