Doctor Who The Edge of Time

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Date: July 8, 2019

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and have access to a VR system for the latest Gen of consoles and PC, then you are definitely going to be very pleased to know about a new Doctor Who VR game developed by Maze Theory for BBC Studios.  Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Cosmos in Sept 2019.

We have four videos to showcase just some of the stuff you’re going to find in The Edge of Time.

Firstly, we have the Hydrorks. They’re completely new and unique to Doctor Who : The Edge of Time. The Hydrorks are amphibians often used as guards by other races, such as the Stenza and the Zygons. They’re these really creepy starey, slimey creatures. They are constantly hungery and their favourite meal is human flesh. Yum yum!

The next video is all about the Weeping Angels. They’re fast and scary. Take your eyes of them and they’ll freeze you forever. You thought they were scary on the TV, just wait till you experience them in VR.

The stars of our next video should need very little in the way of explanation. The Daleks. They hail from the planet Skaros, and are led by the Evil Davros, who genetically modified them, installed them in a tank-like metal shell, and removed all of their emotions except hate. Nice eh?

During the development of The Edge of Time, some very important things were discovered.

  • The weeping angels utilise a classic horror game mechanic, so the team have been excited to work with them.
  • Daleks in VR are incredibly imposing. Getting up close to them, seeing the textures of the metal and reflectivity are awe-inspiring (in a terrifying kind of way!).
  • Jump scares work really well in VR! They are a brilliant technique. Be warned.
  • Being able to create new monsters for the show and add to the canon is hugely exciting. We’re making Doctor Who history!
  • When working in VR, because people can move around, get up close and experience the monsters from any angle, it’s really important to get the quality and accuracy just right. It feels very real!

For more info on the development of Doctor Who: The Edge of Time, check out the Developer Diary below.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time will launch on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Cosmos in Sept 2019.

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