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Date: December 28, 2019

Like many gamers out there, I have only recently heard of The Cycle. Coming across it as I was browsing Facebook and an ad for the Epic Store popped up while scrolling and it caught my eye. Seeing as how brilliantly they helped Fortnite become the biggest name in Battle Royale I became curious and I could feel that gamer itch to know more about it.

The fact it was free got me curious about this mysterious game so I did what any old chap with free time and an urge to game would do, I downloaded it, and I now play The Cycle every single day. Yes, it’s that good.

The Cycle is a competitive quest shooter or PvEvP for insiders. You play as a prospector sent on Fortuna III, a living and unstable planet swarming with hostile alien wildlife. Now here is where the PvE part comes in. You have to complete various contracts such as mining a certain type of mineral or setting up gas refiners across the map etc. All while facing alien wildlife which can really do a number on you specially when its time for extraction but we’ll get to that in a bit.

So the PvE part is you trying to complete as many contacts as you can which will raise your contractor level and raise you through the player ranks all the way to number 1, you have to keep completing contacts in order to hold that spot though. Now this PvE is beautifully blended with PvP as not only will you have to face the aliens but other players as well. You can either request a pact with the player trying to kill you which if they accept you can team up, but some players just reject your request and love to headshot you until your dead.

Now things change when you reach endgame, a storm comes in and so you must reach an extraction point before the timer runs out and get on the chopper. But of course all the other players on the map are headed to the same place along with way more powerful aliens. Now the game is where it reaches PvEvP heaven. You can either risk staying near the extraction point trying to kill other players before they can get on the chopper while aliens tear you apart or you can accept your rank and just accept extraction. It’s brilliant.

It also has a battle pass like many modern games today but of course The Cycle has a battle pass very similar to Fortnite and that is by no means a bad thing. To be the best, you have to follow the best until you can do something unique.

The Cycle is in Early Access at the moment but its already a very fun and different game that blends PvEvP brilliantly. This game is heaven for those who aren’t hardcore PvP players and like single player games more, this game is basically meant for both the PvE and PvP players because it has the goodness of both wrapped into an amazing game. Go check it out on the Epic Store now!

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