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Date: July 11, 2019

Anyone who loves to game also probably enjoys seeing how it’s advanced. Over the years, there has been an incredible series of improvements and developments in the world of video gaming, unparallelled in many other sectors. The truth is that this has often happened so gradually that it is hard to see it happen when it does – but after the fact, the extent of the developments become as clear as day. In this post, we are going to take a look at a number of the biggest developments in gaming history. Appreciating these will likely help you to see what kind of direction gaming has gone in, and maybe even understand where it’s likely to go next.

This is something that has been around for a while now, but is only really recently becoming a serious part of many games. It is no longer really imperative to have to pick up that controller yourself – you can merely direct the game to do what you want with your voice. This is obviously an example of where technology will adapt to the extent it needs to, as you don’t want to play entire games this way. But there will be many occasions when you want to be able to play music or pause a game using your voice, and clearly that is a very useful thing to be able to do. Voice recognition looks set to be one of the major trends of the next few years, and it’s likely that you can expect it to suddenly become incredibly popular.

Probably the one development that has really hugely impressed the highest number of people is virtual reality, or VR. This is one of those things that did really seem like complete sci-fi when it first appeared, and it is quickly becoming the norm in such a way that that feeling is altogether disappearing. If you have ever played with VR, you will know that the experience is uncanny and a little freaky. At first, you are unsure of how to operate within this new world, but over time it becomes clear that you get used to it in a way which is quite unexpected. VR is likely to only improve and become much more real in the coming years, and it is likely going to be considered just about the biggest development in gaming history of them all. If you have not yet experienced VR, it is likely that you will do so soon.

Sometimes, a development is not quite seen for the groundbreaking thing it is until much later. This is certainly true of the game Doom, which – though popular on release – has rightly gained more of a following as time goes on. Largely, what people appreciate about this game is the way in which it completely developed and initialized the first person shooter game, and that is of course one of the types of game which has become particularly popular over recent years. In fact, first person shooters are now the highest selling games of all, and it all started with Doom, so it is hardly surprising that that game should be so respected amongst gamers worldwide.

If you were to look at our current smartphones if you were in the year 1990, you would be truly astonished. What these machines can achieve is incredible, and one of the things that they are especially adept at is gaming. You can now get some games on your phone which are considerably more complex than many of the games you would have played on a TV screen not many years ago. Certainly, comparing such games to the Gameboy shows just how far we have come here. With the advances in mobile gaming, it’s hardly surprising that people cannot tear themselves away from their devices – and there is a game type to suit just about anyone and everyone.

One of the downsides of games becoming more complex is that the necessary hardware to play them increases too. However, there is now a great solution to that problem with the rise of cloud gaming. This is where the company provides much of the computing power through the use of the cloud, enabling those with older or simpler systems to be able to play any game they like. This is clearly a hugely powerful development, and something that you should consider getting into if you want to make more of your games.

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