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Date: September 30, 2018

Video games often cover exciting and fantastical elements, such as magic, spaceships, heroes and villains type stuff. However, occasionally you get a game that on the outset could not be more mundane. Tech Support Error Unknown puts you in the job of a Customer Service Manager answering people’s tech issues and problem tickets, however, not everything is as mundane and ordinary at Quasar Telecommunications as it may initially seem.

“On behalf of Quasar Telecommunications, I am happy to welcome you to our family. You are part of our exciting new program allowing technical support specialists to work directly from home. Your new Spectrum system will connect you directly to our customers through the Support Desk.”

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Tech Support Error Unknown is an adventure narrative game developed by Dragon Slumber with Iceberg Interactive, that gives you all the tools at your disposal to solve customer issues, or to subvert the system for your own personal gain. Hack their system to get the full benefits, or use GPS for tracking lost phones, scan profiles to blackmail the customers or simply fall back on the number 1 tech solution of turning their devices off and on again.

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However, while working you find out that there is a growing conflict between your employer and an anonymous rogue hacktivist group hell-bent on taking them down. What you do is up to you, rise through company, help the hacktivists, or shop them in to the police, maybe use the situation for your own personal gain. It really is up to you.

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Dragon Slumber’s Kevin Giguère says: ”I wanted to present the opposite perspective to a situation most of us are familiar with and dread: dealing with tech support specialists”, developer Kevin Giguère explained. “I think players will be charmed by the fresh and different experience the game has to offer.”

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Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “We’re excited to add this game to our portfolio and will be aiding to its final polish over the coming months. We feel Tech Support will take gamers by surprise with its rich story where choices matter.”

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Key Features

  • Engage customers and colleagues through a novel procedural dialogue system
  • Choose how to approach each situation in a sandbox computer environment
  • Decide who to side with and unlock new gameplay
  • Discover multiple major and minor endings
  • Mouse-only controls make the game accessible for all

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Tech Support Error Unknown is due for a February 2019 Release, and will be available for the PC via Steam. For more updates, make sure you wishlist it on the Tech Support Error Unknown Steam page, and keep coming back to for more info.

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