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Date: May 15, 2018

If you look around at the world of gaming today, you’ be hard pressed to find something unique. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some good games out there. It is simply hard to find something unique. Susurrus is not necessarily a unique game. However, it is so vastly different from anything else I have seen recently that I felt it needed talking about. It is a multiplayer text adventure set in the supernatural world. Choose the life of a vampire, werewolf or mage and play the adventure you like. Mixing from a range of genres, this game promises to be the perfect combination.

Tell your own story

I did start to play a bit of this adventure and it was much to be desired. I can see the appeal in some aspects. It is essentially an interactive novel. It is online, as in it is in your browser online. So, for that reason, don’t expect it to be the best visual game you’e ever played. However, the art style is quite good. The story telling is actually rather exceptional as well. Aside from the odd grammatical error, the story reads quite well.

As I say, there is definitely an appeal to this game. You certainly need to be patient with it as it does feel very disjointed jumping from scene to scene. There isn’t really much to tell you what is going on. It just sticks you into the game and you have to hope for the best. Not that there are a lot of mechanics. So, it’s pretty easy to figure out what you’re supposed to do.

This might be one to try out for yourself. I think it is definitely a Marmite-style game. You either love it or hate it. It is definitely something different and that is a rare thing to come by. I can’t personally see the appeal in it and I got bored rather quickly. But, other people might enjoy this, so why not try it out for yourself? You may find this is exactly what you like.

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