SuperChariot Keyart preview

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Date: May 8, 2018

We took a quick look at Super Chariot, the Nintendo Switch co-op platformer developed by Frima, a few weeks ago. Well, it’s due for release on the Nintendo Switch on May 10th, to be followed a week later by it’s retail release on the 17th May.

To celebrate the launch they’ve released a rather splendid new launch trailer that you can check out simply by scrolling down a bit.

We thought Super Chariot was “an instantly-charming and challenging puzzle-platformer. The level design, visual style, voice acting, and physics make for a really enjoyable game.” So, it’s one that we’re looking forward to.

Follow this link to read our Super Chariot Demo preview.

Take on the role of the Princess (or her fiancé) as they carry the coffin filled with the body of the late King as you search for a place to rest his regal and presumably now quite pungent corpse. There are 25 bright and colourful levels to beat using the very limit of your wits. Don’t want to do it alone? Then get a friend to play co-op with you on anther Joy-con. Though it will still take great co-ordination if you are both to succeed.

Super Chariot is the first Nintendo Switch™ game to support the wireless Philips Hue lighting system that lets you bring your gaming sessions to life. Super Chariot will be available on the Nintendo Switch on May 10th on Nintendo eShop and on May 17th in retail version.

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