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Date: September 23, 2018

Saying that the latest Spider- Man game for PS4 is a success is like saying the moon is in the sky. It’s a statement deserving of Captain Obvious himself. Some of this success can be attributed to the cast of villains. From Electro to Mr Negative, each character has something unique to offer the player, be it challenge or an engaging story. So, it stands to reason that when this game inevitably gets a sequel it’s going to need a similar cast to make the game just as interesting. So here are a few suggestions for the potential sequel. Some story spoilers ahead.

Marlun Spiderman Villain

Morlun is an Inheritor. The Inheritors are a family of interdimensional soul vampires that specifically crave the souls of people with animal powers. They are pretty powerful too. As a comparative scale, one of the Inheritor’s strongest members was able to kill the Captain Universe version of Spider-Man.

Morlun would probably end up working like a teaser side quest. A challenge for the player to take on while also entertaining the possible idea of a Spider-verse game. We already have Miles Morales as well as a couple of costumes like Spider-Man Noir and 2099 which could hint at something like this already being in the pipeline. Only part from this equation that is missing is Morlun, our introductory Inheritor.

Anti-Venom Spiderman Villain

When Eddie Brock wasn’t Venom and had cancer he went to Mr Negative who ultimately cured his condition. After Eddie became Venom again the residual effect of Mr Negative’s powers ended up creating Anti-Venom.  This symbiote can cure any known forms of disease which makes him the next logical step in the video games story line.

Since we already know Norman has the Venom symbiote in his not so secret lab and Mr Negative was created by Oscorp, we can probably safely assume that Anti-Venom will make an appearance. I’d go as far to say he’d end up being part of the sequel’s final act. Anti-venom is just the next logical step in the series story.

Regenerating limbs is a tricky business. Best place to start would be using lizards as a baseline. Which is exactly what Curt Connors, better known as The Lizard, did. However much like most fiction scientists desperate for attention he tested the serum on himself. Which led to becoming a giant lizard man. He’s not really a villain while he is human, which could come to create something similar to the Doctor Octopus arc that occurred during this first game.

Ideally there would be a separate storyline which treads similar ground as the aforementioned arc but with enough differences that it highlights what an interesting character The Lizard actually is.

As the name suggests, Kravin is a big game hunter. After years of hunting animals, he got bored and instead decided to take the next logical and completely sane step. Hunt humans. But not just any humans, the Spider-Man. Having been a member of the original Sinister Six in the comics it comes as a surprise that he doesn’t make an appearance in Insomniac’s Spider-Man game. Perhaps this is because he starred as one of the main villains of Amazing Spider-Man 2. More likely though is that Mr Negative just stole Kravin’s spot on the team. Hopefully we’ll see him in the next game.

Hobgoblin Spiderman Villain

Hobgoblin is a bit of a weird character. He’s sort of like a mesh of Kingpin meets fashion designer meets scientist. Having blackmailed people prior to donning the title of Hobgoblin, he later perfected the formula that made Norman Osborn Green Goblin, so he could defend himself against those he blackmailed. Why he didn’t just take the Kingpin approach of armed guards is anyone’s guess. He’d make an interesting villain for Spider-man to go up against as he would have quite a bit of mobility, while also having some offensive capability.

A street chase would certainly be the perfect scenario for his skillset and would allow the player to enjoy the web-swinging mechanics everyone is going mad about. At the very least, it’d be entertaining to see how he would fit into the world that Insomniac has crafted for this version of Spider-man.


So those where some characters we like to see in a potential sequel or DLC for Insomniac’s Spider-man game. Know anymore that could make an interesting fight? Leave some suggestions in the comments below.

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