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Date: April 25, 2018

Retro shooters are making a bit of a come back within the indie gaming scene. The latest addition to this genre is the new Space God game by developers JellyPig. This game has all the classic things you’d expect. A tiny ship, a lot of bad things trying to kill you and you, trying to shoot everything in your path. If you are a lover of this genre then this is definitely the game for you. This game has already launched on Steam and if you purchase now, you can get 10% off.

Play alone or with friends

Space God is a single player game but has the capacity for you to also play co-op and multiplayer. So, you can grab your friends and shoot down the enemies together! From the looks of the trailer, you will be able to rack up some sweet bonuses the more things you destroy. The bigger your bonuses the bigger your score. My tactic with these types of games is to just keep shooting and not stop until its over or I get killed. I can certainly see the appeal of sitting and playing this one for a good few hours, just seeing that hot counter roll up. Plus, being able to play with friends will definitely add to the entertainment value.

Neon-retro style

This game certainly looks the part. Taking the old school top down perspective is definitely the best way for this game to go. But, it’s art style takes on a more modern feel. The graphics actually look quite impressive and hosts a whole array of animations, colours and who knows what else. From the screenshots alone, I must say I was quite intrigued. It certainly looks fast paced too which is exactly what it needs to be. That was always the charm of the old shooters, they were fast and unforgiving, here’s hoping this one is the same.

If you want to check it out, Space God is available on Steam right now for around £3.99.

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