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Date: October 6, 2017

Space-Conflict Legends of Azulgar, or just Legends of Azulgar, is an upcoming space sim by developers Lusorion Creatives. It’s currently in Early Access on Steam in its Alpha phase right now. Even though there really isn’t a lot to do in this game what is there I had a lot of fun with.


The game starts you off by having you pick a class of ship. There are Fighters, Gunships and Corvettes to choose from. The game then plops you into the universe with a pre-built ship and takes you through some very basic tutorials from movement to combat. You can then either continue with the little of the story they have in place, bounty hunt or collect materials to build parts for your ship.

The combat in the game is your basic space ship combat. You power up your weapons and then use the mouse to aim and fire and the keyboard to maneuver your ship. The game works off of a placement system with the weapons. What I mean by that is that if a gun can not psychically aim at your target it won’t fire, which could lead to broadside ship combat but in the games current state I haven’t seen any of that yet.

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The first encounter I had in this game ended horribly but in a pretty amusing way. I chose to use the gunship guessing it would be somewhere in the middle of the other two (which turned out to be true) and it was equipped with two gatling guns and a cannon type weapon. Well as I got into the fight with the ship its weapons actually tore mine off of my ship. Here’s the kicker though, I was still able to fire them but in the end my ship was destroyed because you can’t aim the guns after they fall off your ship. They just fired where they were aimed at. Going into the ship editor shined some light on what I feel is going to make this game stand out.

The easiest way I can describe this editor is its Spore meets spaceships. You start off by picking the size and basic shape of your ship and then add parts onto it in a spore like fashion. Parts are either added individually or symmetrically on your ship. There’s your basic systems like life support and power and weapons and armor pieces. Weapons include machine guns, chain guns, rockets, cannons and even a few melee weapons. The ships you build outside of the campaign you can then take into multiplayer.

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The multiplayer currently only has deathmatch available, and it’s what you would expect. As of right now there is 1v1 up to 4v4. Sadly I sat in queue for about 15 minutes and was not able to find a match but I was able to still try it out with the aid of bots. The matches work off of a kill system but it doesn’t work with bots so there wasn’t really any way for me to see an end of match.

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Overall, I feel Legends of Azulgar in its current state is good and has the potential to be a great space sim. With craft-able space stations and bases.

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