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Date: September 9, 2019

A couple of weeks ago we brought you terrifying news of a new game developed by Protocol Games, where the AI of the game watches what you do and changes accordingly, to keep the scared coming. Song of Horror is due for release in October, and for those who want to get the best value for money, the Complete Nightmare Season Pass will be made available around the same time.

The Song of Horror tells the frightening tale of 13 people trying to unravel the mystery of The Presence and otherworldy eldritch entity that reacts to how you play the game. For example, you tend to spend a long time checking everything out, then The presence will change things to make you think twice about it.

Choose a character and explore the mystery in a variety of horrifying locations, but beware because death is permanent. Once your character dies, that character id dead. However, there are the other 12 characters waiting to step up and solve the mystery with their own unique perspectives.

The Complete Nightmare Pass gives you access to all five episodes, and their locations, as well as 8 extra playable characters, and up to 16 more hours of gametime.

  • Episode 1 is located at the scary Husher Manion
  • Episode 2 is set in a creepy antique shop
  • Episode 3 Takes you to a cursed college building
  • Episode 4 is set in an abandoned abbey
  • Episode 5, the ultimate in terror, is set within a mental institution

The first and second episodes of Song of Horror, will be released on Halloween this year. Episode 3 is due for release in December, while the final two episodes 4 and 5 are due for release January and March next year.

There’s over 20 hours of gameplay in total, with 13 different and unique playable characters. With The Presence, you’ll always be on your toes and in every game the fear will be different. If you want to wishlist either Song of Horror or the Complete Nightmare Pass, head over to the appropriate Steam Pages. Stay tuned to TheZombieChimp for more info on Song of Horror when we have it.

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