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Date: August 20, 2018

In the first Smash Bros Ultimate overview, Masahiro Sakurai said that they would not be able to add many playable characters due to the massive and impressive overhaul they had done to the game as a whole. In the recent Smash Direct, he proceeded to announce five more characters. An action which combined with Ridley’s reveal clearly contradicts his previous statement. Because they clearly have many more fighter they want to show off, here are some characters I suspect may be announced the next time Nintendo talks about Smash Ultimate.

Always wanting to be the the center of attention.

Two of the newest characters to Smash Ultimate have been villains among Nintendo’s various popular franchises. So, it stands to reason that another franchise will have their biggest villain added to roster of playable fighters. Kid Icarus has a large ensemble of antagonists (mostly from uprising) and as such it is only appropriate that the strongest one Pit has faced has the honour of being playable in Smash Bros. Enter Hades, God of the Underworld. With a sharp wit and a variety of ferocious attacks to choose from, he would be a formidable combatant against any of the characters currently in the roster. Furthermore, as a final smash option, you could have him swallow fighters and let his heart defeat everyone. I died enough times on that boss to know how destructive Hades’ Heart was.

 A true Gentleman and his not so annoying sidekick

From a distance, Layton seems like a stupid choice on par with Marvel VS Capcom’s decision to go with Phoenix Wright. But unlike the ace attorney, Layton actually has some form of combat ability. In Pandora’s Box, the professor demonstrated his prowess with a sword against the games main antagonist. His point would also be an effective stun, as no one would know why he stopped in the middle of battle to stick his finger out and proclaim that he got it. There is even potential for his hat to be a projectile. Although that may not happen due to his gentlemanly demeanour. If push came to shove, the possibility for his rather annoying sidekick Luke to pop up as some form of support. Ok so reading that back it may seem like a slightly silly suggestion, but at least he can fight.

Hes not all to happy about being murdered that one

Star of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk, was not a character I expected to appear in Smash Bros for Wii U. Mostly because I had never heard of him. Now knowing of Xenoblade Chronicles as well as having played the sequel on the Switch, I highly suspect that Rex, protagonist of the aforementioned sequel, could be one of the latest additions to Smash Ultimate. Fighting alongside Pyra/Mythra, they could work like Ice Climbers but with anime powers and a special sword. Or alternatively, they could work like Pokémon trainer. With Pyra/Mythra providing buffs from the sidelines while Rex beats everyone up. Obviously, the former idea is better than the latter as we would also get to see the tremendous power of the Aegis in action. Something that could also be worked into quite the impressive Final smash.

Could he at least be a stretch goal?

For a fighting game, Smash bros doesn’t have a lot of fighting game characters. Sure, there are characters that fight, but outside of Ryu there aren’t any characters originally from a fighting game. Springman would be the obvious plug to this gap in the roster. Coming from a Nintendo first party game ensures his eventual inclusion, so why not just add him to the next iteration of the Smash Bros franchise. While they are at it they could make Ribbon Girl an Echo fighter for him. Their outstretched arms make them the perfect long-range melee fighters or at the very least, a damn sight better than Megaman. For the most part their kit comes pre-built. The only thing they would need to do is get it to work on a 2d plain. Ultimately Nintendo’s fighting game mascot would be the perfect addition to a roster lacking fighting game characters.

A good all round fighter with many options

In the recent Smash Direct it was revealed that there was a Monster Hunter map with a Rathalos boss fight. As such, it only stands to reason that one of the next additions to the roster is a Monster hunter. With the large variety of weapons available to them it would make them an interesting fighter to go up against. From the slow but powerful hammer, to the high-flying insect glaive, the hunter would be able to have a tool for any situation that they would find themselves in. And this would lend them the versatility to go up against a wide variety of combatants without feeling too strong as each weapon would have its drawbacks. These factors combined with the map reveal, because what map doesn’t have fighter representation, a Monster Hunter is the obvious next choice.

A Bwaaaaahrilliant suggestion.


At this point anything is possible. Nintendo have such a good relationship with Ubisoft that it wouldn’t surprise me to see a Rabbid or two running around tearing up the place. Stealing every item they could find before running at players with their shopping trolley full of trash. Their stage entry would be them all falling out of a washing machine with the majority scuttling of to hide somewhere before the chaos begins. For special abilities, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility to have them transform into their Mario + Rabbids counterparts. Or they could end up being Echo fighters of Mario characters, which would the most hilarious way to implement them into Smash bros.

So those are some suggestions for who should be the next fighters for Smash Ultimate. Think of any I missed? Or have some thoughts about the suggestions I put forward? Leave a comment and let us know.

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