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Date: September 13, 2016

Skilly Shooterstars is an Indie game that tells an age-old classic story. It’s about a scientist who, while creating his time machine inadvertently creates a portal to another dimension, and accidentally summons a large inter-dimensional being. This inter-dimensional being, who on the outset at least, seems a little perturbed by the fact he’s been summoned, decides to destroy planet earth. However, it turns out that this intergalactic Destroyer of Worlds is also rather partial to a game of football and decides he’ll probably call the whole thing off if a hero of earth can beat him in a game of football.

So leaving the classic storytelling aside, let’s talk about Skilly Shooterstars. Skilly Shooterstars is an indie game developed by Space Pirate Cat, in which balls of different colours are thrown out of a portal and you have to kick them at the targets.

There are two basic elements to the game. Firstly you have to tap the left side of the screen at the right time to kick the ball at the target. Secondly you have to move the right hand side of the screen to ensure that you kick the ball at the right coloured target. Oh, and to add further difficulty sometimes bombs are thrown out of the portal and you have to swipe the right hand side of the screen to avoid those.

This game is surprisingly tricky trying to line up the right targets with the right coloured ball, and avoiding bombs. It’s a lot to manage in one go, so the word skill in Skilly Shooterstars is appropriate.

If you’d like to match your wits against the planet destroying Cthoo, and get your hands on Skilly Shooterstars you can download it from the Apple store and it doesn’t cost you a bean. In fact, no vegetables need to change hands at all.

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