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Date: June 4, 2014

Skara the blade remains logoI’m not really one for player vs. player gaming, I much prefer collaborative play, working towards common goals, and loving your fellow-man and all that hippie stuff. Although I know that there are huge amounts of you out there that would much rather tear out the entrails of your PvP enemies, and claim victory over those you feel are unworthy. Well, Skara – The Blade Remains just might be right up your alley.

Skara – The Blade Remains combines the best features of MOBA’s (Multiplayer online battle arenas) and RPG’s plus they’re throwing in huge amounts of violent combat in there as well. The developers strongly believe that The Blade Remains will revolutionize the free-to-play online PVP scene when it releases on Steam Early Access this July.


The trailer and screenshots, only hint at the action but from 1v1 duels to epic 16-player battles, players will dominate arenas, expand their territories and gain renown in a rich fantasy world.

To get this game released they are going to need your help. They’ve launched a one month Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $35,000 USD, anyone kind enough to help their cause will be guaranteed beta access immediately at the end of the campaign, as well as numerous other rewards, if the program is successful. If you think that’s worth a couple of quid (or a fistful of dollars, if you will) then head over to one of their two Kickstarter pages here and here.

There’s more information on their official site, and you can always check out their Facebook page and their twitter feed.





Skara – The Blade Remains In Final Push to Full Release

Skara The Blade remains screenshotFree-to-Play Game, Built on Unreal Engine 4, Coming to Steam Early Access in July, Looking to Kickstarter Backers to Fund Last Steps

After only 10 months working with Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, Skara – The Blade Remains, a free-to-play multiplayer online game for PC, is preparing to release on Steam Early Access in July.

Skara – The Blade Remains will combine elements from multiple genres, including:

  • RPGs – skill trees, experience and rich background
  • Fighting – timing and accuracy, combos and fatalities
  • MOBAs – arenas, coordination among the players and frenetic action

Because it incorporates so many features from various genres, Skara – The Blade Remains does not fit in any one single category, so the developer has labelled the title a Multiplayer Online Versus title, or a MOV.

Skara – The Blade Remains can support as small as one versus one duels and up to 16 player battles, in which gamers compete for dominance in a fantasy filled world racked by cosmic disaster.

Players choose any of five classes and can customize their character’s appearance, equipment and fighting style. Gamers also decide with whom they will team and create their own factions inside every class. The teams then fight as one with the goal of dominating arenas, expanding their territories and gaining renown in the world of Skara. The best players will be immortalized as heroes and kings, writing history with their successes and failures.

Skara The blade remains screenshotThe question for players is… how long can they stay alive?

The Blade Remains is looking like a hot property. It took the developer only eight days last January to convince the Steam community to Greenlight the game. In February, Skara – The Blade Remains became one of only two games chosen for Microsoft Ventures’ first London Accelerator program.

The developers of Skara – The Blade Remains do not have modest ambitions. Equipped with an Xbox-One developer kit, the team aims to bring the title to Next-Gen consoles. But to add all the bells and whistles they’d like to offer, the studio is going after fan backing.

“We already have a game to offer,” says Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and creative director, Skara, “But our vision for Skara – The Blade Remains is so much bigger. That’s why we are doing a Kickstarter that will offer our backers great rewards if they join us for the wild ride that is game development.”

The Kickstarter campaign will last one month, its goal to raise $35,000 USD, to fund the game’s full release later in 2014.

“We could turn to a VC or AAA publisher to get our game released,” says Cesar Ortega, CFO, Skara. “But then we would be forced to have a constant focus on the bottom line instead of what we wanted to do with it. We would much rather turn to the gaming community directly. They know what they want and we hope they will want us.”

Kickstarter backers will be guaranteed beta access immediately at the end of the campaign, as well as numerous other rewards, if the program is successful.

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