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Date: June 26, 2019

For those eagerly awaiting news of the release of Silver Chains, a survival horror game developed by Cracked Heads Games and published by HeadUp Games, there’s good news. The PC release will be heading our way on 6th August.

Silver Chains tells the story of Peter who wakes up inside an abandoned rural English mansion, with no memory of how or why he’s there. As he explores the dilapidated mansion, he starts to realise that he is not alone, and weirder still is that he starts to find evidence that he’s been here before. As he desperately tries to escape, Peter will have to solve puzzles to uncover terrifying secrets and also how he’s connected to the mansion. Watch out though, evil has already found you…

Silver Chains is a first person-horror game, with a deep storyline, and a strong explorative theme.

Key Features of Silver Chains

  • An atmospheric horror experience: photo-realistic & detailed graphics bring the interior of an old abandoned mansion to life and an eerie soundtrack will fully immerse you into the game.
  • Story-exploration-game with puzzle- and action elements: Unravel the mysteries of a huge mansion and gain entry into its hidden areas by solving puzzles
  • Beware the dangers lurking in the dark. This evil you cannot fight – run for your life or find a place to hide: Experience intense feelings of horror as you try to escape from the monster chasing you down.

Silver Chains will be available on the PC on August 6th, but any console owners wanting to give this a try will have to wait a little longer. Silver Chains will be released on Switch, xBox One and PS4 at the latter end of 2019.

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