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Date: August 14, 2019

Way back in November we took a look at the Roguelike Spaceship sim, brought to you by Interactive Fate and Iceberg Interactive. Well now, over six months later all the bells and whistles have been suitable attached and given a good clean, and Shortest Trip to Earth is now ready for release tomorrow, 15th August 2019 on PC Steam.

With Early Access comments such as “better than 98% of other Early Access games” and “the best game that [they] have ever purchased” it’s already a big hit with the fans.

If you need a recap of what Shortest Trip to Earth actually is, then by all means follow this link to the preview, where we took it through its paces. But remember it is an Early Access preview so many things would have changed for the better for the final release.

Loads of things, for example take a look at the patch notes for the June changes, right here. Stuff from game balancing to new modes.

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Edvin Aedma, lead developer and CEO of Interactive Fate says, “Releasing the full version of Shortest Trip is a dream come true, and I really hope the players will reap the benefits of the hard work and passion we have put into the game. The new easier game mode and features like crafting should make the game more enjoyable to players who prefer a less stressful experience”

Shortest Trip to Earth is due for release on PC Steam, tomorrow 15th August 2019, for £15.49.

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