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Date: August 12, 2017

Indie titles have become a big deal in recent years. With the major success of Journey, indie titles have gone away from being low-key independent names. However, the beauty of the indie title is not its status of a hidden gem but that it is a platform for artistic freedom. Having the freedom to explore, experiment, and go beyond creative norms that allows for unique and enjoyable games. Early 2018, a Shape of The World is in hopes of taking us on an exploration with the use of vibrant colors and music.

Stu Maxwell, the FX artist of The Shape of The World, has always had a fondness for games that have lots of exploration. Because of this Stu wants to create a game that the highlight is exploring an unusual world that is vibrant in color and rich in musical valor.  Instead of presenting a character that interacts with the world the environment is the spirit that interacts with the player.

As the player goes about the setting, the sound is important to enhance what the player feels. The music will include precise musical cues with every advancement. The purpose is to make the player feel “rejuvenated and ready for anything tomorrow might have in store”. Working towards media composition and knowing that sound and music is a huge factor in Shape of the World excites me. The art of enhancing the experience of a story, especially for a video game, is drifting. Technology has made things simpler to make music, but sometimes that simplicity leaves room for laziness. I am looking forward to hearing what sound designer Brent Silk has in store.

Shape of the world is promising substantial exploration. The teaser shows no character interact with the world, but the world cooperates with whatever the player does, the world comes alive in your presence. This world is so dense that participants will feel lost in it’s not such an obvious sense of direction. However, the charm here is to grasp the atmosphere, you witness. The promise is also that there isn’t just walking but there will be drifting swimming and even flight in a place that is brand new.

Shape of The World is releasing early 2018 for PlayStation 4

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