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Date: January 2, 2018

From the looks of it retro games will never die! Good, because according to website Nintendolife classic game R-Type is releasing in 2018 with fresh goodies. Retro-Bit announces the return that hold two entries (Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning) in one and are exclusive to the SNES. The set is limited edition and includes stickers, lithographs, a pin, a certificate of authenticity. Retro-Bit is releasing one thousand units and is allowing customers to choose their preferred colored cartridge upon pre-order.

Retro-Bit Reviving Classic Games

Since 2007 Retro-Bit holds down the fort in the revival of classic retro games. They release compilation cartridges for many old classic arcade games including those by Capcom. Keeping the ball rolling, Holy Diver will too get a 2018 release but exclusively on the NES. It’s worth taking note that one thousand copies are going out, but it will likewise get the bundle treatment as R-Type.

Being born way after the official release of these games I will never truly understand the fascination of these games. However, what I can do is get my hands on one of these and simply appreciate the magic of these games.

The release window for these titles is early 2018, and you can get them at Castle Mania Games website.

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