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Date: June 15, 2018

Rend, for those of you that don’t know, is an online team based game. Set in the fantastical and mythical world of Norse mythology, you must fight to survive. Join one of three faction and battle for the favour of the gods. Build your base and protect what is yours. Fail to do so and the gods will not look kindly upon you. Choose your friends wisely. For should you reach ascension, your comrades will join you in the halls of Valhalla.

So, now you know what Rend is, you are likely intrigued as to what else is new about that game. Well, first thing you should know is that it is still in alpha. You can even join now through their website and be kept updated with all the news. But, we do have a sweet little nugget for you here. The new alpha roadmap is available! yay! Which means that you can follow the next steps of the game and where they are heading with development. In this latest update, they have introduced new control points.

Control Points are winner-takes-all skirmishes. Based around the factions, you must attack a base and assume control. There are nine altogether at the moment and controlling this points is only going to be extremely beneficial to those that hold them. They give you a ton of sweet bonuses for your faction, so why wouldn’t you want them?

The second roadmap feature is called the Reckoning. This is a server event that means that all faction bases are vulnerable to both PvE and PvP attacks. Essentially, waves of monsters known as the Lost will attack each factions base. You must plan ahead in order to be prepared for this. Those that do will find facing this event much easier. Players can also decide whether they want to attack other faction bases and gain more of an advantage. But, if you leave your base undefended there will be consequences.

If you want to see all the coming updates on the roadmap check it out on the Rend website.

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