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Date: July 10, 2019

Stormind Games and Darril Arts are happy to announce that Nintendo Switch owners will soon finally be able to play the masterpiece horror game, Remothered: Tormented Fathers, from July 26th. Designed and created by Chris Darril of Darril Arts, developed by Stormind Games, and ported over to the switch by DICO Co. It’s earned huge amounts of praise and loads of awards since its release, and it won’t be long before Nintendo Switch owners can experience it for themselves.

You play as Rosemary Reed, a woman investigating the disappearance of a young girl called Celeste. After arriving at the home of Celeste’s adoptive father, Richard she finds no-one is willing to talk. So, doing what any self-respecting investigator would do, she sneaks back into the home in the evening, only to experience a terrifying waking nightmare where she is fighting for her life.

Remothered has received much praise both from its players and the media. It’s won eleven awards for its intriguing storyline and tense gameplay, and also it’s soundtrack. A soundtrack that has been composed by Nobuko Toda (Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts, Halo) and Luca Balboni (Mine, Watch Them Fall).

“I really want to thank our loyal community for making it possible for us to bring our story to the Nintendo Switch so that even more people can experience it. We want fans of serious horror games on every platform to know that developers like us will always be there to create powerful narratives for them” says Chris Darril, Author and Creative Director of Remothered.

“We can’t wait to show Nintendo fans that they also have access to a deep, terrifying, survival-horror experience. We are not only very proud of our unique position as a successor to classic survival horror games, but also one of the few to bring that genre to the Switch.”, says Antonio Cannata, CEO and Co-founder of Stormind Games.

Key Features of Remothered: Tormented Fathers

  • Many survival functions to help you stay alive: Misdirection, Stealth, Action, Strategy, Run & Hide. Block areas of the house, make your items more powerful, hide if they’re too powerful.
  • The story is all about normal everyday people, turning into scary monsters
  • Movie-like cutscenes, directed by Chris Darril
  • Listen for audio clues. Hear when your stalkers are getting close.
  • No health bars to watch. Your body is the only way to see how you are doing
  • Environments and characters designed to be realistic and believable
  • Real-time loading, explore the mansion without any tension-breaking loading screens

Remothered: Tormented Fathers will be available on the Nintendo Switch on July 26th. Head over to the official site, to find out more information.

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