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Date: August 11, 2018

Rainswept a story-first murder mystery, developed by Frost Interactive currently campaigning for funds so it can get everything polished and ready for a January 2019 release.

Rainswept tells the story of Detective Anderson, and his investigation into the case of the cold-blooded shooting of Christopher Green and Diane Miller, residents of Pineview with a troubled reputation. Ably assisted by the caring (and fairly ironically named) Officer Blunt, Detective Anderson explores the streets of Pineview, interviews its citizens and solves puzzles in good old point-and-click fashion. If this isn’t enough to contend with, then there’s always Detective Anderson’s unresolved trauma that rears up its ugly head to threaten the case.

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It’s not all about the present, Rainswept takes a look at the victims, Chris and Diane through flashback sequences. Jump into pivotal points in their lives to understand more about them.

Key Features

A Story-First Approach emphasizing dramatic cut-scenes, branching dialogue, dream and flashback sequences.

 Multiple Perspectives. Relive key moments off Chris and Diane’s love affair as they get to know each other and fall in love.

 An Opinionated Cast of interactive small-town personalities, persons of interest, uncooperative government officials, choices of dialogue and a few personal demons.

 Surreal 2D Artwork to complement Pineview’s part-rain swept, part-sun washed exterior of smooth camera movements, closeups, gradients and parallax lighting.

 An Original Score by micAmic of The Cat Lady, Downfall and Lorelai fame.

 Coffee, cigarettes and pines.

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