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Date: April 11, 2019

Cheating has a fairly bad rap, people think of it as unfair, against the spirit of the game or just plain wrong. Well Bethesda Softworks, say “pffft” to those thoughts as they have recently announced a special, free cheat voice-pack for RAGE 2 featuring the Cockney tones of TV royalty Danny Dyer.

Danny has produced a special voice-over accessible to every player of RAGE 2, that causes the Cockney actor’s tones to be used as your mentor. All you need to do is activate the Diamond Geezer cheat code, and Danny will offer advice on the ‘motors’, ‘shooters’ and ‘mobs’ that can be found in this post-post-apocalyptic epic.

Here is the Diamond Geezer cheat code in action…

“Cheats have been an integral part of games since someone first typed ‘idkfa’ into the original Doom,” says Peter Hastings, Senior Gameplay Programmer. “And we’re proud to be keeping the tradition alive. Plus, they’re just really funny.”

And by the looks of it they are pretty cool, check out the list below. Though more will be included and rotated in after launch. Every player can access these, regardless of the version they buy so no pay-to-cheat options here.

  • He’s on Fire: Tim Kitzrow the legendary video game voiceover chap lends his very familiar voice to RAGE 2 with the “He’s on Fire” Cheat.
  • Git Gud: This cheat gives you godly strength and a sweet shot, downing every enemy in one hit. Not the fairest cheat but like yoiu care, you’re awesome.
  • Son of Thor: Bad guys getting too close, well this cheat will light up any enemies that close with a powerful blast of electricity.
  • Klegg Support: Klegg Clayton is spawned as a friendly AI companion. Perfect if you love your companions amore douchy.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: Rather than ejecting out of the Phoenix, activate this cheat and pushing eject, ejects the Phoenix off of you. Crazy right.

RAGE 2 is released on 14th May on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Bethesda.net and Steam. For more information, visit their official site here https://bethesda.net/en/game/rage2

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