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Date: October 1, 2017

You may remember that a few days ago we ran a review on a fantastic little jigsaw puzzle video game for the PS4 and PC called Puzzle Showdown 4k. The great news is, that we have a handful of keys to giveaway for the PC (Steam), and PS4 Europe and PS4 North American versions and we’re having a sweepstake to get them out to you lucky people. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Jason has written a full review of the PS4 version here so please feel free to indulge yourself and give it a good long read. or you can just watch this trailer here…

If you’re a busy person and you just want the highlights, we said…

“Overall, Puzzle Showdown 4K offers a lot for a usual price of only £7.99; therefore Puzzle Showdown 4K is highly recommended to fans of jigsaws, puzzles and tranquil screen savers. Hopefully Puzzle Showdown 4K will find its way onto more consoles as it deserves to be discovered by many gamers in home and portable console environments. I am personally waiting for an expansion or a sequel that would introduce themed jigsaws on films and entertainment in general in addition to 3D jigsaw puzzles. 90%”

Now, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to get your hands on one of these keys. Well, all you need to go is enter the sweepstake below. Once you’ve added your name and email address, there are more options for you to win more entries. Please remember to let us know which platform and region you want to win a key for, and don’t forget to Tweet or visit the Facebook pages to win even more entries. You can tweet every day so keep coming back.

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All of the entrants will be added to our mailing list. Don’t worry we won’t spam you, we’ll only use this to send you details of other giveaways we’re hosting. After all, free stuff eh?

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Small Print

All the winners will be chosen randomly, by a magic name picking elf. he can in no way, be bought, bribed or otherwise persuaded so it’s really best not to even try. The winners will be notified on this page, and by email on or around the 8th October. Good luck everyone.

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