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Date: August 23, 2018

On the 16th of August Player Unknowns Battle Grounds Mobile, the mobile version of the game that arguably started the current trend in battle royal games, affectionately known as PUBG Mobile, surpassed one hundred million downloads. That’s a lot of zeros, more than I’d care to type.

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You can’t argue that PUBG has been one of the most successful video games of all time. According to more than eighty seven million people play the game every day. This adds up to around 227 million people a month. The vast majority of these players now appear to play PUBG Mobile rather than on any other platform.

This has made PUBG corporation a phenomenal amount of money, despite being free to download. estimate that the cooperation made $30 million from optional purchases alone.

With all this success there is only one fly in PUBG’s ointment, the fact that’s its main competitor Fortnight has once again got there first. Despite PUBG Mobile’s initial early lead in the number of mobile downloads, Fortnight surpassed 100 million downloads back in July. The game has made an estimated $92 million from its mobile app according to

However PUBG’s Mobile release numbers do not cover territories in Asia such as China, Japan and Korea. Without these numbers it is impossible to tell the exact number of downloads that PUBG Mobile has had, though it is entirely possible, if not probable that PUBG is in the lead.

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With this level of success, not to mention money in the mix, I don’t think we are not going to see the end of the battle royal game PUBG  Mobile anytime soon. For more information on both these games and how their fierce competition develops please come back to

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