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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: October 11, 2019

So good news for gamers and Playstation fans, the next gen console name and date was revealed. Bad news, start saving up because the price tag is hefty. So no surprise, it’s going to be called the Playstation 5. Sony is keeping the tradition and family going, no need for any changes here. Also expected is being released around holiday time 2020.

Now let’s talk about the other news that was shared, that to me sounds good on paper or at first but in all honesty is more like a bland feature. The PS5 will have a new controller which will feature is new form of technology for vibrations. They said they wanted various elements while gaming to feel different from each other. For example driving a vehicle and crashing the impact vibration should feel different than lets say, the vibration from taking a punch in a fighting game. Same with walking through a high field of grass, versus sliding down a hill. It sounds great and I’m sure this is just the basic level of how it will and can be used by game developers.

However the reason I say it’s not as exhilarating, is that If you’re like me and the hundreds of thousands of gamers who turn the vibration feature off for most games, then all the subtle differences or uses for this new controller go unused and unnoticed. Like I said Sony was just giving us a little info, I’m sure this is nothing compared to full features and capabilities of the new controllers.

Let us know, do you keep vibration on or off on your current controllers? How are you feeling about the PS5?

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