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Date: October 23, 2019

I know its been a while since the closed beta for Project Resistance, but I realized that not a lot of people are talking about it. Because of that, I’ve decided to make this article anyway to inform people who missed the beta or had no idea it was even a thing. For those unaware of Project Resistance, it is an upcoming new multiplayer spinoff of the Resident Evil series designed for survival. Project Resistance is made by Capcom, and seems to be cashing in on the multiplayer survival craze.

The gameplay is based around the similar styles of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th. It is set around survivors (A four player team to be exact) against the mastermind.

Survivors attempt to escape from a lab, while the opposing mastermind, is able to control the map through a variety of means to prevent the escape of the survivors. Survivors include Sam, a heavy hitting DPS character, Tyrone, the tank of the team, Valerie the support/medic, and my personal favorite, January, a hacker type character that can be used to open doors, hack cameras and such.

The driving force of the game is the timer, where you and your team need to get past a certain amount of doors for each area, dealing with enemies, finding necessary key items (gaining time as you do so) and when the time inevitably comes, avoiding Mr X as much as you can before said timer runs out. Players can die an infinite amount of times, but the penalty for doing so is losing time.

As the mastermind, your job is to make the survivor’s lives miserable and from what i can tell from my own play through, you’re often going to succeed. In the closed beta the only mastermind available was Daniel, but more are coming in the future with different abilities.

As the mastermind, you can spawn controllable enemies of different varieties in an area. You’re also able to control Mr X, the trump card for Daniel which almost always gets the job done. The survivor’s chances of winning will always depend on how good or bad the mastermind is. It’ll take a well dedicated and organized team to get through each door. Playing as a survivor is no easy task. During my numerous playthroughs I found teams like that were quite scarce, especially as the only option you had was to play with randoms, which very rarely had their mics on to communicate. Teams were often either separated doing their own thing or getting picked off by the swarm of enemies.

When you do find a competent team though, the game gets noticeably more fun. With a team able to communicate and organized, tasks get increasingly simpler. Players can split off to find key items or unite together for an assault on zombies. That is, unless you run into Mr X himself, then your plans will likely fall through. Usually the best tactic for him is not to waste time and resources on confronting him but rather focus on running away as a team.

The visuals and menu interface are stellar, the animations are smooth, and look straight out of RE2 Remake. You have access to all the guns and weapons from the remake as well, which all seemingly appeals to the Remake fans.

The characters are fun and engaging to play most times, but the gameplay inconveniences can get in the way of enjoying them. Tight and claustrophobic areas have way too many enemy types; it can all get a bit chaotic. You’ll often find yourself having to run from them all or waste time killing them.

Overall, the game can be fun under the right circumstances, though Mr X still very much needs a nerf, Playing as a mastermind is always fun, and playing as a survivor is quite difficult without a good team. Though the exact release date isn’t known yet, expect Project Resistance Sometime In 2020 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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