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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 9, 2019

If you’re already playing Pro Cycling Manager then it may not be much of a surprise to learn that it made it into the Steam Top 20 releases of June.

Pro Cycling Manager has set the standard for cycling race management games on the PC. It’s a game where you become the manager of a team of professional cyclists, and guide and instruct them as they race in over 200 different races including the Tour de France.

Pro Cycling Manager Features

  • Massive amounts of content with 200 races and 600 stages
  • Career Mode where you get to manage your team, sponsors and contracts
  • Pro-Cycling Mode gives you the opportunity to rise through the rankings to the big prizes
  • Up to 16 player online multiplayer
  • Cyclist skill tree system
  • Better AI for even more immersion

Pro Cycling Manager is available for PC from Steam for £34.99. Check out the Pro Cycling Manager Steam page for more information.

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