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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 3, 2019

Ever wanted to soar the skies, with greyish/white feathered wings, cooing gently and crapping on people below you. Really? You have? Oh ok, well luckily for you there is a game right for you. Or at least there will be, with Pigeon Simulator.

Bossa Studios, or at least one of their Prototype Development Team, known affectionately as KevKev has shared his crazy idea about a game where you adopt the role of a pigeon as you go about your business, whether that’s pooping on the pavement, pooping on a commuter, or for that extra “ewww” element, you can crap on a hotdog stand as well.

Check out this crazy-ass announcement trailer for Pigeon Simulator…

Mad though it is, it’s fair to say that the internet loved it with over 20 million views. Pigeon Simulator was off and flapping mercilessly and work has now officially begun.

We will of course bring you as much information as we can fit in our beak, so stay tuned.  

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