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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 7, 2019

The 4X strategy game developed by Grey Wolf Entertainment, known as Pax Nova has recently received it’s largest ever update known as the Planetary Update.

The Planetary Update gives you far more customizing control when you start the game. You can now decide on the sizes of galaxies and planets, how many computer-controlled players (AI’s), as well as the factions and types of biomes on each planet.

As the title of the update indicated, it is the planets themselves that have received the lion share of the update, making the planets you can build and fight on much more interesting. They’re thrown in new types of terrain, trees and some more natural wonders. Greater variation has been given to the biomes that look similar, by implementing randomly generated lighting and improved textures.

 There has also been an improvement to the research trees, and a few tweaks to the races and diplomacy which you may have noticed in the video above.

Pax Nova is available for Steam from Steam Early Access for around £20, but purchase before 9th September to get 25% off.

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