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Date: September 29, 2016

I’ve recently taken a look at the Overwatch play figures for all the heroes, that are handily gathered on Well, as a stat-nerd I am in hog’s-heaven with all that data After all, looking at numbers is kinda what I do. This site gives you all manner of stats such as you the popularity, the average number of deaths and kills, accuracy etc of all 22 of the Overwatch heroes.

There’s a lot of statistics on that site, so we’ll turn our attention to the simplest of the stats, kills, deaths and popularity. We’ll take a look at some of these stats and compare them across the three versions (PC, Xbox One and PS4). All of the Overwatch play figures are taken from the global numbers for quick play matches, and the conclusions I draw from them are my opinion and are of course open for debate, which you can do in the comments section below if you so wish.


lucio overwatch screenshot

Xbox One
Genji (6.72%)
Lucio (6.35%)
Soldier: 76 (6.05%)
Lucio (7.11%)
Genji (6.18%)
Junkrat (6.06%)
Lucio (7.1%)
Soldier: 76 (6.71%)
Mercy (6.64%)

There are very few surprises her in regards to which heroes are the most popular. All platforms rank Lucio in the top two heroes, with Genji being a close second. I would put this down to Lucio being an easy healer to pick up and play, and let’s be honest a Genji when he’s played right walks that line between soo cool and goddamn annoying. Soldier 76 comes in next being 2nd for PC and third for xBox One. He’s an all-round character with good damage, speed and a heal. Junkrat and Mercy are picked up in third place for PS4 and PC respectively. A good round for healers really, mind you healers are essential for a good team so it’s no surprise they’re ranking as popular heroes.

torbjorn overwatch screenshot

Xbox One
Torbjorn (15.38)
Reaper (14.98)
Soldier: 76 (14.93)
Torbjorn (15.3)
Reaper (15)
Soldier: 76 (14.44)
Reaper (15.78)
Soldier: 76 (15.21)
Tracer  (14.62)

Pretty much across the board on all versions, Reaper is coming out as the hero with the most number of eliminations per match, while Torbjorn comes a close second on consoles, which I assume is all down to that rather handy turret he carries around with him. Interestingly, Torbjorn doesn’t rank in the top three heroes for PC players. Instead those on a computer prefer the teleporting speed of Tracer to the Scottish turret builder. All versions tend to do well with Soldier: 76. Statistically, PC owners kill one more player per match with each of the top three heroes.

winston overwatch screenshot

Xbox One
McCree (7.06)
Reinhardt (6.9)
Winston (7.65)
McCree (7.01)
Reinhardt (6.93)
Winston (7.83)
Tracer (7.14)
McCree (7.08)

The Overwatch play figures show that on all versions of Overwatch, Winston tends to do the worst as far as staying alive goes, with an average of around 7.7 deaths per match. This is around 3 deaths more than the hero at the other end of the table, Torbjorn with 4.43. Reinhardt also ranks highly on number of deaths, but as both he and Winston are both tanks I would expect them to have a slightly higher death rate as they actively get in the way of attacks and so on. Interestingly, McCree is in second place for consoles and third place for PC, while Tracer makes it to second place on consoles. Do McCree players provoke a more lethal response? Also, if Tracer appears on the list then I would assume that many players who play Tracer are not using her blink skill as best they could, which is her defense against having low health.

d-va overwatch screenshot

Xbox One
Torbjorn (3.4)
D-Va (2.8)
Symmetra (2.4)
Torbjorn (3.5)
D-Va  (2.7)
Symmetra (2.5)
Torbjorn (3.1)
D-Va (2.7)
Zarya / Bastion (2.4)

Just to clarify the above statistic simply takes the number of average eliminations per match and divides it by the number of deaths per match. This gives you the average number of eliminations per death for each hero, for the various platforms.

For all platforms the top two spots are taken by the same two heroes. Torbjorn takes the top slot while D-Va takes second place. Torbjorn has around 3.2 eliminations per death; while D-Va has around 2.7 eliminations per death. From my experience a turret that you don’t have to be near that can kill heroes for you, is certainly one reason for the high kill – high survivability. As far as D-Va goes, I would expect it to be Ultimate Self Destruct Power and her Defense Matrix that’s helping both sides of her ratio.

Zarya and Bastion hold third place for the PC version while Symmetra comes in at third place for the console versions. Symmetra’s popularity is low at between 2-3% depending on the platform but looking at her more closely she racks up around 11 kills per match with only around 4 deaths. So when Symmetra is played, her laser mines apparently help to balance the score.


These Overwatch play figures are constantly shifting, and as they constantly tweak the existing heroes or bring in new ones they move and change. So have you taken a look at the statistics, which ones most interest you? Or maybe you don’t give a flying crap about all these stats and you’re just in it for the game. We’d like to know either way.

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