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Date: August 25, 2019

More information has been released on the off-road racing sim Overpass, developed by Zordix Games and published by Bigben, and due for release February 2020. To highlight Overpass’ original concept, that they are sure fans of motorsports will love, they released a new video, found below.

Overpass, puts you at the wheel of one 25 buggies and quads, from all the well-known manufacturers, such as Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and Suzuki, and then charges you to navigate the slopes, inclines and various obstacles of some extremely difficult, and technically challenging off-road tracks.

The challenges are made even more…well, challenging by the realistic and technical level design, and the advanced physics engine. Every type of terrain, mud, sand, rocks, plus manmade and natural obstacles all offer their own test of your off-road driving skills. Part of the skill is understanding which vehicle would be best suited for the track ahead, and then modifying your driving skill accordingly to ensure victory.

Putting the pedal to the metal every time is not always the best approach. You’ll need to control your acceleration, use your transmissions and differentials well, and understand when to switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive if you want to master this game.

The game has multiple modes from Career, Quick Race, a local multiplayer mode either split screen or hotseat, and an online multiplayer where you can pit your skill against 7 other players.

Overpass is due for release in February 2020, for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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