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Date: September 5, 2018

A few months back now, I took a look at a turn-based strategy game, called Oriental Empires. Developed by Shining Pixel Studios, Oriental Empires set’s your strategic mind to Ancient China, as you rule a clan wisely to ensure its survival against all who stand to crush it. The latest update, apart from introducing a whole host of changes, tweaks and bug fixes, also brings in a shiny new scenario editor.


The scenario editor lets players create scenarios similar to the Warring States scenario, which was added to the game when it graduated from Steam’s Early Access program in September 2017. You can also define your own factions, place cities, buildings and armies, and even include your own faction symbols.  When you’re happy with your creation you can upload it to the community via Steam Workshop.

Oriental Empires Review Screenshot 1 Combat View

The update also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed battles sometimes not resolving properly in single player when the player doesn’t view them
  • Improved siege initiation. Stack can begin attack if any stacks around the settlement can breach the walls
  • Units dismount and artillery stay unpacked if two hexes away from the city wall
  • Artillery oriented towards settlement at the start of the battle phase
  • Large trebuchets don’t stop firing when first rope puller killed
  • Spare artillery crew re-assigned duties between turns, so the engine can continue to work even with some crew losses
  • Fixed crash when land units without flaming ammo fire at ships
  • Fixed some stats for faction specific units
  • Can now delete roads. Use the delete key to remove the roads in the hex under the cursor when in road building mode in the settlement view
  • Fixed bug when irrigated farms leave farms behind when their city is destroyed
  • Settlements can take over resources when previously owning settlement is destroyed
  • AI won’t auto build farms on potential mine sites
  • Fixed being assigned an eliminated player when joining a hidden humans game
  • Changed save game name of hidden humans game to not include faction name
  • Fixed battle indicators showing for human players in MP hidden humans mode
  • Changed font for the Chinese version
  • Added ability to import a map from png file into the map editor. Mainly intended to work with files from the Demis Map Server
Stay regular for more information on Oriental Empires when we have it, or head to the Oriental Empires Official site.
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