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Date: September 29, 2017

Websites with online free games offer us tons of interesting games in every sport or style you want. As a fooser and Foosball enthusiast I always look for interesting online Foosball games and today I am offering you a look at some Foosball games you can play in your browser. Some are extremely simple, other offer more options, but each one will offer you a chance to play Foosball online.

Premiere League Foosball Image

The graphics aren’t the best in this game but since it is a free online game, I honestly don’t mind. It brings me back to the 90’s. Anyway, if you are a fan of UK Football and Foosball this online game is a great choice for you.

You can choose one of 20 English Football clubs and play under their colors. When you choose the team you can choose the layout of the Foosball table as well which is great, especially if you love to play only with one of them. The player’s control is extremely easy, you use the left and right arrows to move the players. They all move like one so you can defend and attach without much effort.

The only downside of this one is that there is no multiplayer option.

Foosball Multiplayer Image

Just like every other free online game, this Foosball game has simple graphics but it offers tons of fun. The first advantage I can see the moment I start the game is the option Single player and 2 Players.

These are the only options and that’s a disadvantage. You can’t choose the team, the Foosball layout, anything.  The Single player mode is OK, but the 2 Players is much more fun.

The ball is too slow for my taste, actually, the entire game is not as fast as the Premiere League Foosball. It offers fun but I don’t think I could play it for hours but that doesn’t matter, online games are made to kill time so 20 minutes of Foosball in your browser is pretty good. Also, you can find this game on the as well.

Table Soccer Image

There is one problem you will detect the moment you open the game. The menu is not in English so you won’t know what is what until you pick it. There is a tutorial but this is also not in English so it’s not completely helpful, but luckily  you can figure how to play the game all by yourself.

When you pick one of the options you can choose the team to play with out of 32 national teams. After that, you can choose the layout and start the game. Players are controlled with arrows but I have experienced a delay in commands which can be frustrating. Also, you will press the arrow and the players will turn in that direction, but they won’t move.

I must admit, this is the lowest quality out of all the games I’ve reviewed and the language barrier is just another thing which can be considered as the downside.

Foosball Navu Image

This game is actually made for Android and developed by NAVU and you can play it on your smart phone. The main menu offers you to choose between Tournament and 2 Player Match. You can play with your friend or you can play against the CPU.

In the Tournament mode, you start at level 1 and you can go up from there. The 1 player controls are on the letters W and S and the moment your player touches the ball he will hit it so you can play without any effort. In 2 player mode,

Player 1 uses W & S and Player 2 uses up & down arrows. The graphics on this online game are incredible, but since there is an identical app for Android that’s not strange at all.


Mark is a retired professional Foosball table who loves to play, talk and write about Foosball. He has a blog all about the game, where you can find everything you want to know about Foosball and Foosball tables. If you want to visit his blog click here.

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