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Date: May 27, 2018

Have you ever been stuck in an office job? Forced to push the same key at the same time every day, every week? Have you ever just wanted to throw off the shackles of corporate oppression and be free? Well, in Office Quest he is doing that, until one day he gets chance to escape and go on his puzzle filled adventure. Already released on iOS and Android, Office Quest has now been released on Steam.

11Sheep have now released The Office Quest now to Steam after being released on iOS and Android on April 2017 with tremendous success (more than 4 million downloads; it has been featured by Apple and Google more than 20 times and reached Apple’s Today App, and it has been nominated to several prestigious awards).

In Office Quest, you go every day to the same office and sit down at the same desk. You press the same keys in your keyboard, sitting between the same colleagues (who for some reason are all wearing fluffy onesies, but that’s another story). Then a mysterious, magical red light appears in front of you, beckoning you to abandon your post, to go looking for new emotions — in short: to sneak away from work and leave this damned realm of boredom for once. Let’s face it, though: you were so bored that it wouldn’t have taken a magical light to convince you to weasel off… What kind of adventures await you out of the office?

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Office Quest Key Features

  • Solve puzzles and riddles in a casual point & click adventure, challenging enough to put your ingenuity to the test, accessible enough to let you enjoy the ride!
  • Enjoy a wonderful cartoonish art with comic-style environments and characters. This office may be boring, but boy, it is beautifully drawn!
  • Meet eccentric, hilarious characters, from your grumpy, cigar-smoking boss to the annoying meeting-lover, and trick them into letting you slip away.
  • Laugh with constant gags, from visual jokes to slapstick comedy, in an office where for some reason everyone wears fluffy monster-shaped onesies
  • Feeling stuck? Help yourself to sweet hints that will help you as much as make you laugh!

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We’ve got our hands on a copy, so stay alert for our full Office Quest Steam review, right here on

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