Nintendo E3 2017

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Date: June 13, 2017

Nintendo E3 2017 conference announces great surprises and the usual, Nintendo being Nintendo. Footage montage announced a plethora of games. Rocket League, Pokken Tournament DX, and FIFA 18 that are releasing on the Nintendo Switch! So much gameplay was at the conference but what is most important are trailers for the Switch’s new titles. So, let us see what excite us and let’s get right to it!

The sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles is here. Having the same elements of RPG combat and the world open to the players Xenoblade looks fantastic. Interestingly enough we see that the main protagonist goes on a journey with a female sword. That is right; the weapon has a gender. Having a personality of her own, she helps in the course in a similar style like Navi from the Legend of Zelda. This character is, however, directly involved. Not having played any of the Xenoblade installments this makes me want to play the series. Check out the trailer below.

Kirby returns once again with a new installment! We know that Kirby games play the same but gameplay reminds me of the charm of the N64 version. It does look like the character has upgraded abilities or new looks to old moves. Regardless this looks enjoyable, lovely visually and makes me want to play.


Personally, the biggest announcement of this conference is that of Metroid Prime 4. Knowing that this is official excites me because this franchise seems forgotten. Surprising enough the game is in development by another studio and not Retro Studios. However, veteran members of the studio will oversee its development. All Nintendo delivered was a small image, and it was epic. This game will be phenomenal!


We got the announcement of the 2 DLC expansions for Breath of the wild. The first DLC is the “The Master Trials” and the second is “The Champions Ballad.” “The Master Trails” is more of a focus on challenging the player. A new game plus to a degree, there will be extensive trials and tougher enemies to test your abilities. “The Champions Ballad” is a story expansion with a group of great looking characters. Many assume that this is a prequel to the main game, but that is not one hundred percent certain.

All this looks amazing and will demand players to add another 100 hours on top of those 140 hours. The new content will be releasing with new amiibos of characters involved. This amiibos look great by the way. I still haven’t played the new Zelda, but there will be more waiting for me when I purchase the game.


One of the strangest announcements bouncing of Ubisoft is the team up of Mario and Raging Rabbids. As strange as this is the game looks great and has characteristics of RPG and adventure. Gameplay is very fluid, and it requires strategy without it getting too elaborate. This game looks cute, funny and it’s refreshing.

A new Yoshi is coming, and it’s only known as “: Yoshi.” It’s the same gameplay, yarn animation, and charm. However, it is releasing on the Nintendo Switch, in case you didn’t know, and this is great because more games will be available from Nintendo. We need a bigger selection, especially for the Switch.

Rocket League coming to the Switch is not a real big surprise but what’s important is cross-platforming. Xbox and Switch will be able to play together online. This expands the fanbase and unites us players and gets to the point, wanting to play games. But this does make you think, is the start of a new precedent for gaming as a whole? PS4 is left out from cross platforming but knowing that Microsoft and Nintendo will work together allows you to imagine the possibilities for gaming.

The latest version of Dynasty Warriors will be out on 3DS and Switch. The trailer looks gorgeous and it sounds like the many characters presented will be playable. I am hoping that this game will have much more substance as the previous Zelda version. But regardless this looks neat.

The biggest highlight for Nintendo was the new Super Mario. This game looks like Super Mario 64 but even better. The trailer shows new mechanics, a new world, and has an epic soundtrack! Live gameplay proves the excellence of the game. There are so many things to see in Odyssey that the trailer carries for itself.

Last but certainly not least is the announcement of the remake of a great classic. This gem was originally released back on October 10th, 1992 and having the return of a great game is excellent. This remake is polished graphically, and the mechanics are improved. It still holds the same feel of isolation that Metroid exhibits. Along with the release will be new amiibos that once again makes me want to purchase some of them. They look awesome, and they will have a purpose that they will say in the future. On top of what is mentioned, there is an official soundtrack of the classic Metroid tracks we all know and love.


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