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Date: September 16, 2018

Yes, I am still playing Rimworld. Yes, I know “Not another Rimworld Post” I hear you all cry. But as it is quite simply one of the best survival / resource management storytelling games out there, it’s going to get even more site coverage. We’ve discussed before how Rimworld is a great tool for storytelling and even just playing the modes you’re given with in the game, there is still so much scope for storytelling in there, it’s crazy.Rimworld Prepare Carefully Mod Screenshot

Well, this Rimworld article is all about setting up your own stories, and roleplaying a character of your own design. You’ll need a mod that allows you to edit your starting pawn, such as the Prepare Carefully mod to get the best results. So, without any further pre-amble here are some of my Rimworld ideas for new games / stories.

For me, this is the one that kinda sucks the fun and learning out of Rimworld, but I’ve kept it in because Rimworld has a lot of different players each with their own playstyle. Anyway, for this one, start a single pawn game and give him or her, 20 in every skill, make sure they have no injuries, and give them good traits such as Beautiful, Psychically Deaf, Tough, Fast Learner, Nimble, Kind, Sumer-immune. Even give yourself Power Armour, a mini-gun, helmet and shield belt. This is not my favourite way to play but there is some fun to be had in kicking everything’s ass, like an unstoppable droid.

An interesting variation of Naked Brutality, except this time you start with three naked colonists without anything, and for added excitement make all three of them romantically linked somehow, and give them the abrasive trait. See how long they can survive this new harsh world whilst fighting for their love.

An interesting single-pawn start is to create a pawn, and give him 20 in both shooting, and melee, the other stats can be kept as you want them to be. Except now, you load the pawn up with as many injuries as you want. Artery blockage, brain injuries, asthma, riddle him with gunshots etc. You can even make him 80 years old, just to push things a little further.Prepare Carefully Mod Screenshot 2

Right, please forgive me for the rather politically incorrect title. For this storyline, you start a game with either three or five pawns. Everything else should stay as the randomly generated values, except you must use the following traits on your pawns Chemical Fascination, Depressive, Very Neurotic, Pyromaniac, Psychopath and Cannibal. For added fun, give each of your pawns two of the traits from the list, and see how long it takes for them to kill each other.

It’s a variation on the Naked Brutality mode you already get with Rimworld, except that you use Prepare Carefully to lower every single stat you have to zero, and remove all your passion fires. Feel free to make your character look however you want them to. If you want to make things even harder give your character some negative traits to contend with as well, such as Ugly or Chemical Interest. With low scores on construction and medicine, even just building a shelter could prove lengthy or problematic.


There are literally hundreds of ways you can play Rimworld, and the ever-increasing list of mods opens up even more top try. If you have any ways you like to start a game of Rimworld, let me know n the comments below.



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