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Date: August 21, 2019

Fans of high-octane nitro-burning racing action, and players of the Need for Speed series, are going to have kittens over the latest in the franchise Need for Speed Heat. Developed by ghost game, Heat gives you more of everything that Need for Speed fans love, great customization, urban car culture, and an immersive narrative.

Need for Speed Heat sends players to Palm City, a totally new open-world where street racers have gathered to make their name. Race in the Speedhunters Showdown during the day to earn cash and car upgrades for high performance cars. During the night, it’s a different story. Take to the streets and race in unsanctioned underground racers, avoiding the rogue police task force, who hunt through the streets looking to take you down and steal your cash. Have you got what it takes to make the city your non-stop cash-making racetrack?

“We’re delivering more options than ever before for players to be unique and make themselves known,” said Riley Cooper, Creative Director at Ghost Games. “Our fans have been clear that they want more cars, more customization, and more challenges, and we’re tuning up on every aspect. From your character’s style to your car’s performance and your driving style, we’re fueling everyone’s creativity with this new game.”

For those fans in to pre-ordering there’s a nice array of freebies for those who do. Pre-ordering the standard edition, will net you the K.S Edition styled Mitsubishi Evolution X. If you pre-order the Deluxe Edition then you have access to three K.S Edition styled cars (BMW i8 Coupe, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport), access to exclusive character clothing, and increased earnings of in-game currencies Bank and Rep.

If you pre-order Need for Speed Heat from within Need for Speed Payback on any platform, will get you a neat 10% discount as a loyalty reward.

Need for Speed Heat is due for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 8th. Get a 3-day head start, and join on November 5th with EA Access and Origin Access Basic and enjoy up to 10 hours of play as part of the Play First Trial, PC users can sign-up for Origin Access Premier to get full access.

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