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Date: May 6, 2019

With a world opened to portals to outside realms, Mythgard summons a new world of creatures in Rhino Games new Trading Card magic game. With unique tactical strategies in mind, while playing any game, Mythgard puts you in the shoes as one of the regular street goers that wonder the world of mortal realms to find new spells to cast and acquire new minions for your next battle that comes your way. While Mythgard may appear as a regular Trading Card game, it captures the boundaries when it comes to showing off everything the game has to offer is just the first few minutes of the game. The developers over at Rhino games have put all hands on deck to ensure Mythgard is ready for its full release later this year. So grab a seat and ensure you’re prepared for a wild ride in this new CCG in-depth strategy game.

At the start of your adventure in Mythgard, you will be placed in the shoes of a young girl that is hungry to explore the outside world of her current realm. While you might be the new girl in town, Mythgard throws you right into the action, ensuring you understand all the mechanics the game has to offer. With the realms being full of Dragons roaming the skies, and Valkyrie bikers storming the streets to find new fresh meat to fight, Mythgard gives the player an understanding of what is going on in the first realm you’re visiting and finds some great first opponents to show you know what you’re doing. While Mythgard might seem like any old Trading Card game, the developers make sure you get to know each of the mortal groups in town to see what you’re up against in your first realm of the game.

With being a Trading Card game being the first pitch that the developers of Mythgard are trying to show, the main features of this trading card game can seem, at first, a little too hit and run. The matches seem to go too fast during the first few fights since your beginning cards can make you feel like you’re unstoppable. While this might be a role that the developers are trying to set you on for the first course of your new life in the realm, it can just feel a little too simple. Like in any card game like Magic the gathering, Mythgard starts each opponent out with a set of starting cards and each of your turn(s) you need to burn one of your cards in your hand to gain points to summon new minions and/or spells.

While this feature is something new on the card table for these type of games, the gameplay for Mythgard and still feel rushed if you burn too many cards. To gain the ability just to summon a minion that can blow your opponent away in just the first few turns. But all in all, the system they have for moving you around from foe to foe during your adventure is still impressive because it shows you the world at a good paste that will seem fit for most.

The graphics team over at Rhino games got it right when it comes to their artwork Mythgard has to offer. With hand-drawn sketches being the main details you’ll see during your adventure around the realm, you’ll find yourself not worrying about all the talk that you’ll encounter during travel times. While I can say that not being able to see the actual characters talking face to face, knowing that these sketches still show what is going on in their way is enough for me. With the Trading Cards in mind, the artwork for each of the cards is also something new with some funny and mythical creature looks having your opponent wait a little bit while you admire each new card you’ll draw.

While trading card games can seem a little old fashion and look around at all the other card games that the genre has to offer, Mythgard stands out when it comes to its look and overall playstyle that it has the gamer feel during each match. Coming from someone that played countless hours of magic the gathering growing up, I can say Mythgard is something I’ll be playing more after its full release to see what new artworks they have to offer. With reliability in mind, this trading card game has just the right amount of eye-catching details that will make you want to search for more creatures and mortals to fight a battle.

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