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Date: August 6, 2019

Morphies Law the crazy online shooter, already available for the Nintendo Switch has now been released on PC Steam, with a free demo for any pc users on the fence. Don’t worry Nintendo Owners are getting a whole raft of extra stuff in the way of massive gameplay changes as well.

Morphies law uses size as an overall metric of combat. Hit your opponents and the body part hit will become smaller while you become larger. Leading to massive differences in the various body parts, which provide bonus skills

In the remorphed version of the game you have access to eight maps, four odes and 77 different weapon combinations. The serves have been given an overhaul so they can deal with 50,000 concurrent players with several worldwide hubs. There are also more customisation options, and a musical lobby where you can hang out between matches.

So this PC demo known rather affectionately as Fartnight is a new type of demo, allowing you to unlock the parts of the game you want and leave the bits you don’t. You can play almost everything for free, but after 30 minutes of gameplay all the sounds of the game are turned into melodious fart noises. You can buy tokens to change the sounds back, and unlock other features until every feature of the game is unlocked. Of course, if you enjoy the sound of flatulence, you can opt to keep them.

Morphies Law Remorphed Features

  • The Morphies have 8 different body parts that can each grow and shrink independently, with each body part having a different effect on your actions.
  • Use plugins on each of your eight body parts that allow you to unlock and use new strategies
  • Highly customisable weapons with up to 77 possible weapon combinations available
  • 4 weight-based game modes, each with different goals but all with the basic premise of bigger is better.
  • 8 maps each sporting a different weight related feature separating it from the rest
  • Make your Morphie how you want it, with loads of premade and custom options.

Morphies Law is out now and available from the eShop for Nintendo owners and the Official Steam page for PC owners, who are able to download the free to play demo from there as well. Head over to either of those pages, or the official Morphies Law site for more info.

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