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Date: August 13, 2018

With Monster Hunter World finally coming to PC, you can expect a lot of new players to enter the franchise. As such I decided to take my extensive Monster Hunter knowledge (having only played MH4U) as well as a bit of research into world to create a helpful guide for the newest additions to the monster hunter community.

Wailing into the monster is generally a good thing but knowing where to attack can be much more useful than mindlessly flailing. For people using weapons that deal slash damage (dual blades, insect glaive) should aim for an area like the tail with the aim to cut it off. Doing so will allow the party the opportunity to get more items from the eventually dead monster.

An example of what can happen with good blunt weapon usage

For players who prefer blunt weaponry (hammers) you should aim for the head. Much like in real life, clubbing people round the head can leave the monster unconscious. This allows for your group of hunters to either set up a massive chain of damage or just wail on the beast for a short period of time dealing extra damage overall while they are knocked out. The addition benefit of damage dispersion also helps prevent unintentional friendly fire, which while it doesn’t result in physical damage can temporarily incapacitate allies. Hitting in different areas will just overall prove beneficial to all members of your party.

An advantageous mounting position
An example of slash damage weaponry from previous titles

Party members aren’t always going to be the most co-operative. And a good co-operative party knows what weapons to bring for which monsters. As such you may be forced to compensate for your parties’ lack of willingness to help. Ideally, you’ll want to learn at least one blunt, slash and ranged weapons. This way you will be able to switch it up and help based on where your party falls short. Hell, maybe even give the hunting horn a go. While it’s not considered to be superior in any sense of the word, the horn can provide buffs to party members as well as deal blunt damage making it a versatile weapon that’s worth utilising occasionally. As mentioned earlier, each weapon has a valuable task and being able to utilise the multiple types of weaponry will prove useful in any hunt that you go on.

An example of ranged weaponry available from previous Monster hunter titles

If not prepared even this fellow will take you out easily.Because the game will provide a few items at the start of a quest I have seen a few of the newer players to the series not bring an optimal number of potions and the like. While this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, its overall better to bring your own resources. Specifically, 10 mega-potions, 5 potions (to be turned into mega-potions in the field), 10 Well done meat, 10 raw (in case of need for more well done), and a whetstone (since in world these are now permanently available to you). Should the monster like to poison people, bring along some antidotes. A collection of cool or hot drinks may be needed as well depending on the area you are going to, so make sure to look over the quest parameters before you set off so that you can be sure that you have everything you need. If you are looking to capture a monster it may be worth taking some Tranq bombs and traps with you to make that capture much easier.

An untrained eye would see the stats on some armour types and try to counter balance them with pieces of armour from other sets. Ultimately all this results in is minor stat boosts or debuffs if you can’t quite get enough points. You’ll also end up missing out on armour set bonuses from specific armour sets, which can be of great benefit to you. Often these bonuses are more helpful than the stat changes that armour applies. For example, the Xeno’jiiva set will reduce the rate at which weapon sharpness decreases, allowing for hunters to deal more damage for longer against their current prey. Utilising these bonuses can be invaluable to you and your teammates as you take down some of the more prolific monsters that the game will eventually throw at you.

The Xeno’jivva. Big beasty. Plenty of rewards.

And that is the extent of my beginner knowledge that I can impart about Monster Hunter World for PC. Yet what is written here is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what needs to be learnt to take down the biggest monsters in MH world. But it should be sufficient for the early stages of the game and will give you time to learn some of the more complex stuff quickly. Good luck and hopefully, I’ll see you on the hunt.

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