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Date: April 5, 2018

A few days ago, players of Snail Games Early Access survival RPG Dark and Light were treated to the latest patch update. This patch not only brings with it the usual level of tweaks and fixes but introduces Mistvane Shrine. Mistvane Shrine is a god-built prison that contains some pretty deadly creatures, as well as some powerful new equipment to construct.

Mistvane Shrine is a jail created by the gods in order to hold all the terrible creatures they had failed to control by other means. The shrine itself floats high, hidden by the clouds in the hope that the prison and the horrors it holds will never be found, lest the creatures escape. Qinaryss Gustclaw is the sole descendant of the Galeriders, a band of powerful harpies responsible for the prison who will fight to the death to protect it and its inhabitants. Are you strong enough to take them on, and rescue their Fey Drake, a reptilian minion that thrives in the wind and can conjure strong healing magic.

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Defeating Qinaryss Gustclaw provides materials, long thought lost that you can use to construct powerful armour and weapons.

Stormbreaker Glaive

Attacking with this spear will charge the weapon leading to a devastating power attack.

Cloudburst Armor

Donning a full set of this will allow Adventurers to glide with wings of their very own, controlling their falls and assisting in the navigation of Archos.

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If you want to see the full Dark and Light patch notes follow the link here to take you to the Dark and Light Steam Update page. From there it’s only a hope skip and jump away from the store page where you can get your hands on Dark and Light and experience Mistvane Shrine for yourself.

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