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Date: August 29, 2018

Have you ever thought what would happen if you threw soda and candy down the drain? Ever imagined the candy-soda mix gaining sentience and using its new-found intelligence to escape the bonds of this world, and travelling through portals to find a place it can call home? No, well honestly neither have I, but luckily Radiobush, the developers of Mislead have, and they’ve made a game about it.

Mislead is the story of Bu, a gelatinous green blob created from candy left-overs. He escapes in a teleporter and it’s your job to help him find his way home. The game is a puzzle game, where you have to remove blocks from Bu’s path, to make sure he gets to the teleporter. You are shown the directions that Bu is to travel every time you remove a block so you can plan your way through each stage.

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As the levels increase, so does the number of block types. There are dangerous spiky blocks, bouncy blocks and slip-slider blocks. All of them need to be taken into consideration if you are to solve the puzzle.

Mislead Screenshot 3

Each stage is accompanied by slow, trance-like music, but by far the best sound effect is the level transition sound-effect. Not sure why I love it so much. It’s a sort of off-tone, Sci-Fi time-travel sort of noise. Hmmmm anyway…

There are over 80 levels in total, growing in difficulty and complexity as you progress, but with your perseverance you can help Bu find his new home. Oh, and there are no ads or in-app purchases either, which means nothing is going to get in your way of helping poor, gloopy ol’ Bu.

If you long to help sentient soda find a new home, then you can download Mislead for both iOS and Android devices, all for only a couple of dollars.



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