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Date: September 19, 2019

Mobile developer Million Victories are happy to announce that international launch of its much-awaited strategy game, Million Lords. With over 100k players, who have already spent over 500k hours in game (that’s over 55 years of in-game time) players all over the world can join them, and plan glorious campaigns on iOS and Android.

Build and march your armies across the landscape, claiming cities for your cause. As you do will gain valuable experience and loot, and your kingdom’s border will increase. Every enemy you face in-game is another Million Lords player, claiming their own piece of the Million Lords shared world.

Million Lords distinguishes itself from other games of it’s type by not worrying about base-building of resource gathering, but pure effective warfare.

“From the inception of our game, we have worked with our reactive community to select and test the best features and balance the game before this official launch. We can’t wait to share the outcome of this work with a lot of new players!” says Benoit Ducrest, Million Victories CEO.

Key Features

  • Don’t waste your time in city-building when you can focus 100% on a core strategic experience with Million Lords.
  • Every player exists on one gigantic world that scales to the size of the community up to millions of players.
  • Always gain more soldiers to fight your battles, more gold to improve your cities, and more experience to train your General.
  • Fiercely compete with thousands of foes with your clan and claim the world dominance.

Million Lords is available for iOS and Android for the fantastic price of completely free.

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