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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 20, 2019

Indie Developers Frost Monkey and Sony Interactive Spain have released a game on the PS4, that tells the tale of a refugee girl and her grandmother making the long dangerous trip from Syria to Europe. Massira is now available from the Playstation Store for €12.99 / £9.99.

Massira is a low-poly puzzle-exploration game that puts you in the shoes of Numi, a young refugee girl forced to abandon her home with her grandmother Yera, and undertake the long journey from Syria to Europe to escape the conflict.

Obviously, this is inspired by real life events and experiences. It is this connection with reality that gives the game its deep social roots, aided by its beautifully, crafted art style. The problems Numi and Yera face are from Numi’s point of view, so they have a naïve and imaginative tint to them.

Frost Monkey, the developers behind Massira won the Best Art Award in the 4th Edition of the PlayStation Awards, and has had the full backing and support of the Playstation Talents programme.

Massira is available from the Playstation Store for €12.99 / £9.99. If you would rather try before you buy there is a full 15-minute demo available here.

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