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Date: October 9, 2019

First it made it on Steam and GoG, then iOS was the next to succumb to the old one. Now Android devices need your help as Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is finally available on Android devices, in both a Lite and a Premium version. Check out the trailer so see just what it’s all about.

Follow the story of five different investigators, the Detective the Professor, the Thief, the Ghoul and the Witch, as they adventure into the unknown against the Old Ones, and their minions and worshippers. Explore and fight across randomly generated landscapes from the Lovecraftian universe, and try not to lose your mind as you uncover each characters storyline and clues and information on how to defeat the Old Ones and Outer Gods.

The Android release of Lovecraft’s Untold Stories comes in two different versions. Want to give the game a try before you buy then try the Lite version for free that includes two complete levels and one character to play with. The Premium version is the whole package, and includes the full release of the game, localised to English, German, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish.

Key Features

  • A rogue-lite that features hundreds of different monsters from the Cthulhu Mythos
  • Explore characters and storylines that cross randomly generated locations from Lovecraft’s stories, such as the port or hospital.
  • Face and defeat the old pones in special levels (Great Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Dagon, Shub-Niggurath, and Azathoth)
  • Secrets and hidden knowledge secreted in all corners of the levels
  • To defeat the mythos you’ll need to know how to fight them. Gather knowledge to help you succeed or drive you mad trying.
  • Vital decisions are yours to be made. Wrong decisions can shake your sanity, if it gets too low there’s a chance you’ll lose your mind and commit suicide to escape the horror.
  • 5 different heroes to choose from, detective, the thief, the professor, the witch, and the ghoul
  • Each hero plays differently, with a different combat style and skills. The levels also vary depending on who you’re playing with, so each game is very different.
  • Hundreds of items to collect and improve
  • Clues and special items unlock secrets and new stories

Lovecrafts Untold Stories is available on Steam, GoG, and iOS store and now premium and Lite versions are also available from the Android store.

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