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Date: June 3, 2018

Indie developer Blini Games announces that Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, a rogue-like action RPG based on the cosmic horror stories written by H.P. Lovecraft will be released on Steam Early Access on June 22 for $12.99 / €12,99 / £10.29.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action RPG with rogue-like elements. You explore randomly generated levels based in H.P. Lovecraft stories, fighting cultists and all kinds of monsters from the Myths, improving your skills, weapons, and gear, looking for clues and information about the Old Ones and the Outer Gods, and solving puzzles and challenges. You have to find a way to foil the Old Ones’ plans – but the path is yours to choose, and brute force may not always be the best solution. Will you search for clues and information to stop the cultists before they summon the Outer Gods, or will you just kill everything on your way, until there’s no one left to invoke the cosmic horrors to our world?

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Lovecraft’s Untold Stories will be completely playable on Early Access, with its core gameplay and all its main features already implemented. In the first version that will be released on June 22, players will have access to:

  • 5 levels
  • 1 character (the detective)
  • 1 boss

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The rest of the content will be included via update during Early Access or when the game transitions to full release. Blini Games plans for the game to stay in Early Access a short time, from 3 to 4 months –  enough time to gather feedback and implement any changes the game might need.

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  • Fight more than 50 different monsters from the Myths of Cthulhu in this intense action RPG
  • Explore Lovecraft’s stories in 12 different randomly generated levels and face the Old Ones in 5 special levels
  • Choose your own path: will you look for clues and information to uncover the truth, or just fight your way out?
  • Pick your hero between 5 different characters, each with their own stats and skills, including the detective, the thief, the professor, the witch, and the ghoul
  • Improve your stats to become more powerful but be careful: madness waits for those who learn too much!
  • Collect and improve more than 30 weapons and hundreds of items and artefacts
  • Look for clues and special items to unlock more stories

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