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Date: July 16, 2018

Are you a lover of Lovecraft? Do you have a craving for rogue-like action? Does a combination of both sound like heaven? Then you are going to want to sit tight for this one. Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is now available on Steam Early Access! Rejoice to the World Eater! This action RPG rogue-like tests your skills as you face off against enemies time and again.

Want to see more, check out the awesome trailer below

This classic story has a new telling in this action rogue-like. Fight the monsters and drive back the forces of evil as you attempt to stay alive. It’s a dark and dismal world out there. You know the dangers that lurk around every corner. That’s why you always keep your trusted shotgun and grenades near by. Because explosions solve everything.

There are currently five levels, two characters (the Detective and Dr. Clawstone)    you can play as and one big boss. The developers have announced there will be more coming in the update. But, for a game that is still in Early Access, you would hope there would be more to come. That being said, this game does look crazy fun and being a rogue-like, it will likely take you a while to finish just those five levels.

This game is only likely to be in Early Access for a short amount of time, the developers claim, while they iron out the kinks. I guess we shall see.

As I mentioned, this is out now on Steam and is already making headway as a popular game. It does appear to be a lot of fun, with a great art style to go along with it. The levels are all randomly generated so each time you play will be different! Plus, with over fifty types of monsters to fight, you never know what you’ll get from one level to the next. Now, that sounds like fun to me.

Want to get your hands on it? Go check out their Steam page to find out more. But, if the trailer doesn’t tickle your fancy then I don’t know what will!

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