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Date: November 30, 2018

I’ve been fishing. It’s ok, if you like that sort of thing. However, I found that sitting quiet and still for hours, often in the rain, waiting for something to happen isn’t really my thing. If only there’s a way of experiencing fishing form the comfort of my own house. Well there is. Fishing: Barents Sea, developed by Misc Games is a damn good start especially since the release of the latest DLC, King Crab.

in Fishing: Barents Sea, you take control of your own fishing ship, looking for the best fishing spots off the coast of Norway. Use all the different equipment on the ship to catch more and better fish. Sell them, and upgrade your boat to increase your catch even more. The fish you’re trying to catch have been realistically programmed with 20 years of data, to ensure the fish move and act as they should. Accept missions from the harbour or simply free explore the seas, it’s up to you how you make your profit.

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For those, interested in hunting crab, the King Crab expansion not only brings in two new ships for you to buy, but also includes new mechanics and mini-games.

Details, please…

The Svalbard and the Selfy, based on the Arctic AS are two new ships equipped with the necessary equipment to make a name as a formidable crab hunter in Northern Norway.

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A mini-game for the hauling of the crab pots. Manual hauling on the Selfy and crane-based movement of the lager crab pots on the Svalbard. You’ll need to coordinate the hauling of the pots to the sorting table, and then reload and launch the cages for the next haul.

The other mini-game is after the successful catch where the crabs are sorted by gender. Tying in with real-life legal restrictions, only male crabs can be taken from the sea,  so the females have to be thrown back.

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The King Crab DLC for Fishing: Barents Sea is available on Steam for £8.99, while the main game is available on retail or steam for £16.99. If you want more information, head over to the official King Crab DLC Steam page.

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