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Date: March 22, 2018

John Mambo developed by Iction games is a retro-style arcade game with a Cannon Fodder-esque isometric top-down view. It’s now on Indiegogo, and it’s looking for your help to get this game released to Windows, MAC and Linux, with Home console versions planned for the future.

In John Mambo, you play a as a trigger-happy solder (very much in the same vein as Rambo, if you hadn’t made the name connection) that embarks on crazy and dangerous missions that generally involve large amounts of bullets being fired, and a high body count. All set in the heart of the Jungle, but he doesn’t have to do this alone, there’s always his partner (a.k.a co-op mode)

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John Mambo is a Maverick, and no-one trusts him but he doesn’t care. He’ll do whatever it takes to complete his missions, though a large part of the outcome depends on you, the player.

Sounds, interesting, and it looks interesting too. This is from someone old enough to play Cannon Fodder on the Sega Megadrive.  Though, this time around the explosions bullets and general carnage are in much greater detail.

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John Mambo is still in development and thanks to IndieGoGo there is plenty of chance for you to get involved, and depending on your pledge, there’s some very nice perks to donating including hard-bound books of John Mambo artwork, and your name being included in the credits. However, if you splash out €2000, you get to spend a day with the developers, Iction Games in Spain.  You won’t get to stay in the developers’ houses of course; you’ll need to find accommodation, but it’s still a great opportunity to see just how the magic happens, first hand.

If you want a fun, and easy to pick-up co-op play stop-down shooter, then head on over to the John Mambo Kickstarter page and see what you can do to help. After all, the world depends on you, John Mambo.

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